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Kundalini Yoga for body, mind and spirit.

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"One Heart, Four Seasons" is a safe and powerful tool for embodying transformation.

Kundalini Yoga Series
Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm Forever Yoga, Main Street, Wilton NH
$90 details & register here

Meeting dates: February 3, 10, 24

March 3, 10, 17

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan goes right to your heart and to your core. These ancient teachings use breath, yoga postures, meditation and chanting to unlock your inner potential. Kundalini yoga is a precise technology that will produce noticeable results right away.

In this six-week series Susan Brown will teach you safe and elegant yoga techniques to deepen your ability to communicate with awareness, kindness and fearlessness.

We will practice yoga postures to strengthen your core, meditations that connect your core to your heart, and an 11 minute gong relaxation to connect you to your infinite self. Suitable for all levels, prior yoga experience is not required.

Susan Q Brown
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Kundalini Yoga Gong Immersions

March 22, 4-6pm
Forever Yoga, Main Street, Wilton NH

$30 details & register here

March 29, 4-6pm
Yoga Studio 8, Plymouth NH
$30 details & register here

In this 2 hour class, Susan will invite the gong to deliver you to a deep relaxation where healing begins; body, mind and spirit. We will practice gentle warm-ups, a short Kriya, which uses breath, postures, and meditation to prepare you for a long 40 minute healing relaxation to the gong. Prior yoga or meditation experience is not required, and all levels, beginner to professional, will benefit.


April 25, 1-5pm
Yoga Studio 8, Plymouth NH
$60 details & register here

Do yoga, relax to the gong, experience silence.From this place of truth, connection and clarity, Susan will guide you to make mixed-media collage from your intuition. Give your gift to the world which is your heart and soul; while learning to make art with joy and confidence!

No prior art or yoga experience required. All levels will benefit. Cost includes collage materials, tea and light snacks.

Private Gong Immersions

By appointment

$100 for one or more persons.

About the Gong
The gong experience is an immersion into a 'spiraling cocoon of total sound.' The limited self is dissolved, and we are free to dwell in, and then resolve from, a state of pure fearlessness, balance, and transcendence. Participants will be transported on a safe and gentle journey of relaxation, healing and transformation.


The sound of the gong is the echo of the Original Word that created the world, the sound within all sounds. Listen with your inner and outer ears. ~ Yogi Bhajan