Susan Q brown: Bioceutica & Kundalini Yoga

"My compass is fun,

& my path is love."

Kundalini Yoga

& Gong Immersions

Class Dates:

Sunday April 13 @ 4-6pm

     GONG Immersion

     Suggested donation: $20

Bring a yoga mat if you have one, and a blanket.  We will do some gentle warm-ups, and a short kundalini yoga set before a long 45 minute relaxation to the Gong. Sat Nam! Love, Susan

The sound of the gong is the echo of the Original Word that created the world, the sound within all sounds. Listen with your inner and outer ears. ~ Yogi Bhajan

- Susan Q Brown

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Susan Q Brown: Kundalini Yoga & Bioceutica
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